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Rank Structure

Guild Rank Structure:

Council :
Creates and Enforces Policy.  These people’s job is to work in concert to help determine the most advantageous ways to help find, train and retain the finest players in the game. They create and coordinate events as well as manage daily Guild affairs while being responsible for the actions of the Officers underneath them. 

Lieutenant :

***Vested*** Hand Selected. This rank is an administrative liason to the Council of the Guild. They work in concert with the guilds best interests at all times. They are also to enforce policy on Sergeants & below at all times as well as oversee the morale and wefare of those they outrank at all times. 


Sergeant Major :


Has completed 2 or more of the lower Sergeant qulifications. "Eligible" for the rank of Lieutenant. (New recruits that bring in thier basic 4 must wait 90 days before eligibile for this rank.)


Staff Sergeant :

Has completed all 4 Basic Class Types & have those toons in the guild. (New recruits that bring in thier basic 4 must wait 90 days before eligibile for this rank.)


Master Sergeant :

Has completed the Master Craftsman Acheivement. (New recruits that bring in this acheivement must wait 90 days before eligibile for this rank.)

 Gunnery Sergeant :

Has completed the Elite Warlord Acheivement. (New recruits that bring in this acheivement must wait 90 days before eligibile for this rank.)

Corporal :

Is a regular member of guild Operations (ToR Raids).  Must be registered with our website.  Character specific rank.

Lance Corporal :

Ability to invite new members to the guild. Has Registered with our website.

Private :

No responsibilities must be able to follow our basic rules.


**Wildstar Ranks are expected to fit the same guidelines; however, as the game has yet to launch, this may change.**


***Vested Member Definition***

Vested members are members who have renounced all affiliations with other guilds.  This is not to say that they cannot play other games, but I do ask that this guild come first.  During thier tenure as an officer here it is expected that they uphold the tenants, values and ethics of thier post and be an example of loyalty, activity and leadership. Vestment is our way of preventing conflicts of interest from rival guilds as well as acts as a preventative tool against possible infiltration & corruption of our policies, procedures & values from external forces either directly or indirectly. If any Officer who decides they want to become a part of another guild or organization, they should alert the GM immeadiatly so their rank can be revoked. Once this is done, the Officer will be given a rank no higher than that of Captain or below so as to ensure no security risk has or will happen in the future. Any deviation from this vestment policy will be considered either (A) Treason or (B.) Sedition, and will be met with immeadiate rank reduction or removal from the guild to protect our interests. (If any Vested member joins another guild before alerting the GM they can be removed to prevent future possible security issues pertaining to conflicts of interest.)

Member Obligations:

If any member of this guild has knowlage of any Guild Officer violating the above stated vestment policy they are obligated to alert the GM immeadiatly.

If a member neglects to alert the GM to possible violations of our vestement policy they can be found as a co-conspirator(s) in the Officer(s) activities that may have breached the vestment policy.

The identity of any person(s) that brings information reguarding the violation of our vestment policy, will be protected and never revealed as the source in the investigative process unless given permission by said person.

The GM reserves the right to reveal the identity of the person(s) who brought the information forward if the person accusing the violation is suspected of working in concert, either directly or indirectly, to undermine the security, stability and/or welfare of the guild, its members or it's logistical advantages pertaining to the political landscape reguarding the guilds reputation either in or out of game.
Must be able to follow our basic rules.


Currently there are only 3 things that makes a player ineligible to join our Guild. They are the following...

1. No administrator of another Guild is eligible to join our ranks.

       A. Persons that own a "Personal Storage Guild" (A place to hold materials rather than members) that have no other members than their own characters, and that are not accepting or openly recruiting are still eligible to join our ranks.

2. Officers of other guilds are not eligible to join our ranks unless they file a personal petition to this guilds administrator and are approved. This is handled on a case by case basis.

3. If a players has been removed for any "breach of policy", Players with a known history of creating dischord in other guilds, Players that have openly maligned this Guild, it's members or it's leadership in any way.


1. Promotions: These are a wonderful event. These can only be handed out by the Acting Guild Master and Officers.

2. Meritorious Promotions: These can be handed out meritoriously at the Guild Masters Discretion. They are not bound by any other Officers approval. These are rare, but can happen. The job is yours until you're dead or someone better comes 

3. Field Promotions: These are events that are sudden and are given during times of Guild Duress. If you got this you did something extra ordinary. Congratulations if this happens to you, it means you cared enough to be there in the guilds time of need and you went the extra mile.


1. Demotions are an unfortunate but are sometimes a nessecary fact of guild membership. Such things can happen for a multitude of reasons. All Demotions will be recorded in your Guild Record.

        A. Involuntary Demotions

                1. Misconduct

                2. Belligerence

                3. Breach of Policy

                4. Insubordination

                5. Failure to Carry out Orders

                6. Does not meet the minimum activity requirements

        B. Voluntary Demotions

                1. Any Voluntary demotion will immediately be considered for the next lowest possible rank

                2. Any member that opts for a voluntary demotion from an officer role they will still be considered "Vested" and expected to follow the officer code of conduct or they will be forcibly removed from the Guild.


1 The Current Kick Policy is 30 Days for Standard Members and 120 days for Advanced Members. Administration reserves the right to remove characters forcibly so those spots can go to new potentially more motivated & active members to enjoy. If your toon gets kicked for being offline they are welcome back when you get online by contacting any known officer. (If you are going to be offline for more than the above mentioned period, please let the GM know so as to prevent your characters from being removed while you go offline for extended periods.)

A. Wildstar Current Kick Policy is 2 weeks for all Members and 2 months for Advanced Members' unplayed toons. (Effective 10/13/2014)

B. If any of your characters get removed it's up to leadership on whether or not your toons get reinstated at the last known rank. If you didn't alert the GM you may not have the rank reinstated.

2. Kicks are something we strive not to do. If the Guild has to kick you, we have failed you. For the good of the Guilds morale this is sometimes a nessecary evil and we will do it if we have to. We will not allow one bad apple to ruin the 

  1. Misconduct

  2. Beligerance

  3. Insubordination

  4. Failure to Obey a Direct Order

  5. Does not meet the minimum activity requirements

  6. Treason/Betrayal/Sedition

  7. Security Violations

  8. Causing Drama (In or out of Guild, this includes SWTOR, Rift, or Other Private Guild forums or any other form of communication including, but not limited to, phone calls, texts or e-mails)

  9. Breach of policy, Players with a known history of creating dischord in other guilds, Players that have openly maligned this Guild, it's members or it's leadership in any way