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1. As members of this guild we expect that a teamwork oriented mindset be a part of this guild. As such, no non Guild affiliated logos, banners, icons, avatars or other forums of propaganda is allowed in the forums. If your login reflects other guilds your avatar will be banned until it is affirmed to have been changed. This helps to create a culture of loyalty and cuts down on segregation and possible undermining of authority due to other affiliations or conflicts of interests you or others may already have.

2. No discussion of other guilds in our forums (Please see our "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy for clarification)

3. No pornographic or lewd images, videos or direct links to such items are allowed in any post or avatar, corrispondance, banner or anything visible to other members

4. Cursing is not against the rules but being utterly raunchy will not be tolerated. If your posts are seen or interpreted as being raunchy to the point of inciting such action in other members will lead to a loss of forums access.

Voice Chat:

Voice Chat is a useful tool and we encourage it in all members but not using it will not prevent a member from joining our Guild.

While in our Guilds Voice Chat Server you are expected to be playing on toons that are in our Guilds. If at any time you are unable to get new toons into the Guild for any reason feel free to continue playing but please alert Officers or members that come into Ventrilo immediately of your dilemma so they can help you get your toons into the Guild at the earliest possible time (Leadership considers this YOUR responsibility, not theirs, if you get in trouble for it, it is your own fault). Other games or unaffiliated toons are not allowed, so please log out if you want to play on a non affiliated toon. This rule is non negotiable and is a bannable offense if administration has to repeat it to you more than once.
Usage of Voice Chat is a privilege, and as such if you are caught recruiting folks to other Guilds, or asking Current Guild members to go to another Voice server of any type, or are suspected of trying to undermine administrative efforts through the utilization of this Guilds Resources for progression or personal gain of non guild toons, you can and will be **Firewalled**(see firewalling below, also referance our Don't ask, Don't Tell Policy for clarification) while we substantiate such possible action. If it is verified that you were doing such actions you will be forcibly removed from Voice Chat, Website and the Guild permanently for these actions.

Vent Privacy Info:

In the event someone other than yourself is suspected of using your login information, your vent login & website access will be placed on hold & your toons can be removed from the guild or reduced to the lowest rank possible until a resolution for the situation has occured. Sharing your personal login information puts you and the members associated with this guild at great personal risk of having thier personal information & guild aquisitions stolen. Also this type of violation either voluntary or involuntary comprimises this guilds internal security and will not be tolerated. Any comments, actions, accusations or infractions that happen due to you sharing or mishandling your account info you are responsible for. Please keep tight control over your login information & act accordingly


Please read carefully. Our trading policy is simple, "NO TRADING IN GUILD CHAT". If someone links something into guild chat, feel free to send them a Whisper & keep it in Whispers. Do not begin bartering in guild chat as that will be seen as a blatant violation to guild trading and chat policies. Guild chat is for "Logistics and Information" only (And some random goodness..lol), the administration refuses to allow it to turn into an underground black market and spammed out trade chat channel. Please read below for more detailed information...

1. No Trading or transferring of skills, credits or items is acceptable over Guild Channels. Use the Galactic Market or take it to whispers like everyone else. Members should feel glad to help one another without charging them a fee in our guild. If caught trading in guild chat you will be summarily warned and possibly removed from the Guild, Voice Chat & Website if it continues to happen. This is to reduce guild chat spam. Take trading for kills, credits or items to whispers, period. Link your items, then take it to tells, it's that simple. This should not impeded your ability to enjoy the game in any way, and prevents angering those who don't wish to see it or consider trade chat spam.

2. If you have something that you desire to show off or trade, please feel free to Link it in Guild chat, but DO NOT INCITE a trade in guild chat. ANY "perceived" trading or inciting a trade in guild chat will be dealt with harshly and swiftly. If a guild member likes what you linked, feel free to accept whispers from guild members and do all trades via whispers.

        A. Any member found to be Price Gouging members via personal trades will be summarily disciplined. You should feel honored to be around your fellow guildmates so we EXPECT you to give them the best deal possible if you do trade with them. Remember, we EXPECT a "Guild First" attitude from our members, and want everyone to "Pay it forward" whenever possible.
Overall, it's real simple. Trading is fine, just keep it out of guild chat. Simple as that.


1. Do not ask for money, if you are too lazy to earn it, or unwilling to learn how to make it, it's best you quit this guild before you get kicked.

2. If caught using money, items or assistance given, privided or earned while in, or granted via any of our members to non-Guilded characters you will be removed from the Guild, your Voice Chat rights and your Website privileges will be removed. Administration sees this as treason and will remove you on the first occurance. Our guild is not here to help your non guilded characters, or other guilds advance, and will not be a platorm for thier advancement in any way.