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Vent Help

Ventrilo Help

Welcome to our Ventrilo Help page. Here you will find many problem solving techniques that can help you get your ventrilo up and running with the rest of us. If you are a veteran vent user or a new user to voice chat in general these techniques come in handy and can help almost anyone.  If you have problems logging in, simply check below for solutions to typical ventrilo login problems.

Windows 7 Support:

Step 1: Make sure your Mic/Headset is plugged in (If you have a laptop with a built in mic don't worry about this step unless you plan on using a headset.) Most headset's nowdays use the following... But there are also bluetooth headsets nowdays as well. My main goal is to show you this and remind you to PLUG IN YOUR MIC OR HEADSET!!!

USB                                                                        Port Jack


Step 2: Run As Administrator

This may not be nessecary for SWTOR, but for safteys sake I suggest it because it helps in many other online MMO games. Always better to play it safe and just do it in my opinion.

Step 3: Settig up Push to Talk (PTT)

This step is 2 fold, first open your Vent Program and click on the "Setup" button on the right hand side. Below is a pic of this and you can see the button highlighted.

Once you have clicked the Setup Button, you will be in the Setup Screen as seen below...

On the left side of the picture above you will see a box with the label "Hotkey" on the left of it. Simply left click in the boxed area and then click a button on your keyboard or mouse that you want to use to enable your push to talk. (I suggest left shift). Once you are done, simply click "OK" and exit the screen. Once you are back in the normal vent window depress the button you selected (left shift if you followed my advice), if you light up green, you are good to go. Now your PTT is set up, congratulations!


Step 4: We can't hear you?

This happens in some cases, but not to worry, there is a reason for it, and it's easy to fix. Below are the top 4 reasons we won't be able to hear you.

Reason 1: You are pushing the wrong PTT button, go back into setup and repeat the process to make sure you set it up correctly (yes, people do it on occasion lol,)

Reason 2: Your "Output Device" isn't set up correctly. This is easily fixed by selecting your Output Device. Please refer to the picture in Step3 as seen above. Look at the upper right corner. Notice the drop down window that says "Outbout Device" and click it. It will give you options as seen below...

Reason 3: Your Outbound sound volume is too low.

This is easily fixed don't worry. Please refer to the picture in Step 3 again. In the lower right corner of the picture there is a section called "Amplifiers" as seen below...

Simply click on the outbound drag button and crank it up! Once you have done that, click "OK" and give it a test. Remember, no one can hear you if the Setup screen is up.

Reason 4: Your "Mic Boost" isn't engaged.

For many people, they don't even know this problem exists, but it is the primary reason why people can't hear you in many cases. Windows amplified the digital signal making it where others can hear you over VOIP programs. When this isn't turned up in some cases, it leads to the problem you may be facing. Simply follow the directions below and you can get this fixed in minutes!

Step 1: Go to your Control Panel and click it.

Step 2: Find the section called "Hardware and Sound" and click it.

Step 3: Selet Sound

Step 4: When you complete step 3, a box should pop up. Look along the top of that box and you should see tabs. Select the tab that says "Recording". Once that is done, select your microphone, then go to "Properties"

Step 5: Once you click Properties you should see another screen pop up. In that screen find the tab that says "Levels". There you will be able to adjust the Mic Boost to the level you want. I hope this helps, enjoy!


Macintosh Help: Below you will find a diagram that helps with most Mac issues, We hope this helps!