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Ops Rules and Expectations


Disclaimer: Please read these while keeping in mind that they were compiled like a side-effect list for a medication.  Some were stated because one person has done something one time that we want to avoid in the future.  Some of these rules seem obvious to most.  If so, don’t worry about it and keep doing what you are doing!  Also, keep in mind that the loot rules will become much more relaxed as we all get a little bit of gear.   Please give us feedback and we will discuss as a group and readjust our expectations, even as we go along if necessary.  Sometimes we forget that the plan is to just have fun, see new content, and hang out.



•             Keep in mind that in an Ops team, there are 7 other people depending on you.  These rules are to ensure that one person does not adversely affect the other 7

•             Operations are about teamwork, coordination, perseverance, loot and ultimately having fun.

•             You are expected to know your character's class and abilities.  Having said this, ask others. Most people are willing to help out

•             When you are given a job to do on a fight, do it or ask for help if you are unsure

•             There is no way to make loot simple and completely fair

•             We’ve tried to make the loot rules as simple and fair as possible.



•             All Ops members need to use vent and a microphone/headset (exceptions may be made on a case to case basis only)

•             Vent rules includes talking in vent.  You need to be prepared to say something quickly and people cannot always wait for you to type things out or may not be reading chat while fighting

•             Be aware of when to joke/talk about unrelated things during Ops’ as we start new content



•             Sign up if you expect to be one of the first invited to Ops’

•             We will be filling Ops’ based on sign ups (Sending a message to the Ops Leader (Betar or Xi'girl) in-game or via the website..  If we are overbooked, the first to sign up will be the first to be invited.  We will be posting Ops’ a week ahead of time to give ample time to sign up

•             Just because you are a main tank or healer, or always show up does not guarantee you a slot if you don't sign up.  If you don't sign up for an Ops and show up just assuming you would get to go, you will be left behind if 8 people signed up and are on

•             Be on time for Ops.  We understand that some people are just getting home from work, etc., and we try to accommodate occasional RL issues that crop up.  We have the guild website, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate for these instances

•             If you know you need to leave early from Ops, will be late, or need a long break in the middle, you can’t sign up as definite.  You must sign up as possible and let the Spec Ops leader and/or officers know your situation.  They will decide if you will be replaced from the beginning or from the time you need to go or if the Ops will start without you and hold your spot.  In other words, let people know. We are not unreasonable.  We know real life comes first.

•             If you are not online before Ops time starts and we haven't heard from you, we will have to fill the slot

•             If you sign up to hold a slot, and just don't show up regularly, we will start to realize we can't rely on you.  The same goes if you regularly begin an Ops, and an hour later say "oh yeah, I have to leave now"

•             “possible” means:

  • You want to go, but not sure if you will make it that night
  • You won't be available for the whole Ops period
  • You have some reason you will need multiple afk's during the Ops



•             If you are going to log on close to Ops time, have your gear repaired and consumables stocked the night before

•             Repair, regear, and respec BEFORE Ops starts

•             Have your own consumables.  We will try to supply end-game consumables but assume there will NOT be any available. (The more consumables you contribute to the guild bank, the less risk of this even being an issue)

•             Have an Alphawave item,  in case of Nightmare Pilgram.

•             Watch a video of the boss fights and/or read strategy (recommended: dulfy.net) before the run.  We will do our best to explain the boss fights before each one, but if we have to continue to explain them to the same person, we may stop inviting them.



•             Have fun.  We're not going to ever get a world or server first for finishing an Ops.  We're a casual guild full of people who want to enjoy the game.


Ops recovery:

•             Battle rezzes should be saved primarily for tanks and healers. Don't just throw them out anytime. The Ops leader will call out when and who to rez.

•             If a wipe is called, don't prolong the fight, go ahead and die (type /stuck) unless of course you're close enough to go BAMF on the boss and finish him off, lol.


Maximizing Ops Time

•             We will be starting Ops’ on time. This means be on 10 minutes prior to start time unless you have let someone know your circumstances.

•             When you are ready, make your way to the Op’s entrance so we can get started

•             We will NOT be going afk after each boss or wipe

•             You will run back, and not sit around waiting for rezzers to run back for you (unless you specifically ask someone to rez you so you can be afk for a minute)

•             Run back if you wipe during trash. Maybe we won’t all wipe if you do

•             If you have to go afk, you will type it out in /Ops, and make sure it is acknowledged by the Ops leader

•             If you say "afk 5 mins", it better be 5 minutes. Check back with the group if you need longer

•             We will take regular breaks close to the hour marks for bathroom/smoke/drinks

•             Please do not take time to pull mods from your new gear to place in cosmetic peices as we are trying to pull unless you can do it on the fly. Otherwise, use the hourly breaks to do this



•             We would like to gear up the tanks and healers first, but not at the expense of no one else getting loot (this mostly applies to the first few weeks of Operations)

•             We would prefer to gear up the people that are on every Ops, every week, and stay until the end of the night, because they are the ones contributing the most towards progression

•             We will be gearing up Mains before alts

•             One winning need roll is allowed per Ops night. After you have won a piece, you need to greed on further pieces, to allow others to have a chance (in the beginning weeks). We can amend this as a group as more people get gear. If a piece drops and you are the only one who can use it but have already won a piece, you will get priority over an off-spec

•             Spec Ops members will have priority over standard members and standard members over privates. For the purpose of loot, officers will be considered “Spec Ops Members” (This goes with showing up regularly for Ops’.  If you do, you will be promoted to Spec Ops LT if not a cadet)


Rolling priority in the following order

•             Main spec, main character

•             Off-spec, main character for someone consistently asked to use their off-spec for the Ops

•             Off-spec, main character

•             Main spec, alt character

•             Off-spec, alt character

•             Rolling will be done with  master looter and the chat command “/roll”

•             Need roll is for Main spec/main character

•             Greed roll is for off spec/main character

Considerations you may be asked to think about when rolling

•             Completing a 2 pc set or 4 pc set bonus may have greater priority over getting a first or third piece, especially for tanks and healers early in the tier

•             If you are upgrading to an Ops piece from another piece of the same level, you may not get priority on that roll against someone who is getting a significant upgrade

•             If you have lower tier version of a tier piece, you may be passed over in favor of someone with no tier piece in that slot

• Casual Operation Members who are not actively developing their character may be passed over for loot.

•             When you win a tier piece on a main-spec roll, you are expected to trade it in for the piece for your main spec

•             If you are asked to bring a different character to the Ops other than your main for Ops utility, you will roll main spec for the spec you are being asked to use as if you are a main character for that group

•             Please no joke rolls